Concussion Awareness

CDC concussion fact sheet

As many of you may already know, concussions may accur by "Helmet to Helmet" contact, or with a "Hit/Jarring" to the body that causes the head to move quicklyback and forth, or side to side. Although there is no way to reduce concussions 100%, recent studies have shown that Stretching/Strengthing the neck may assist in reducing the chances of a concussion. We at Blue Water Youth Football/Cheer strongly encourage ALL participants to perfrom the Neck Stretches? These exercises should be performedat least 3-4 times per week. For further information concerning concussions and minimizing risk, feel free to click on our links to the CDC and USA Football. Click on the above link for the concussion fact sheet from the CDC. It is mandatory that all athletes and parents review and sign this form prior to the start of pre-season practice.