About Us
The Blue Water Youth Football & Cheerleading is a non-profit organization that supports the Port Huron / Fort Gratiot division of the Thumb Area Football League(TAFL). TAFL is a youth sports program offering full pad full tackle football and cheerleading to boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 12 in the thumb area.

The purpose of this organization is to promote and encourage our youth in the Port Huron / Fort Gratiot, Michigan area and to support TAFL related programs through appropriate activities relating to our Mission. It is the intention of this organization to provide a venue where competitiveness is balanced with fun (with an emphasis on FUN!) -to create a youth athletics organization that the citizens of our community can be proud of...realizing that a supporting influence on our youth today will positively affect our community tomorrow.

Blue Water shall make the effort to supply the Port Huron / Fort Gratiot football teams and cheerleading squads with equipment and instruction needed to compliment the youth activities and to help with the education of sport and team building skills. This will be accomplished through various fund-raising activities as well as donations from the general public. Blue Water's primary activities, as they relate to supporting TAFL, include registration of participants, sizing participants/ordering equipment and uniforms, creating a coaching pool that will instruct and train our youth for these purposes:
  • Improving and developing their capabilities
  • Acquiring team sponsors
  • Acquiring and setting up football field facilities
  • Running concessions
  • Distributing, collecting and purchasing equipment for teams.

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